Sunday, February 17, 2008

Bargellobowl Quilt in Blues and Yellows

Finally added a border to this quilt. All blues and yellows. I was short on yellows so I had to raid my Mom's stash..then I remembered that I did a yellow strip swap several years ago thru Quilting Arts Forum on Delphi!!! I ended up with a nice variety of colors and used everyone of the yellow strips. There are only a few fabric repeats in this onr..I like it alot. Will quilt it in the Am...bought some pretty blue and yellow varigated thread for this job. Then on to quilt the CC Quilt...and then i will allow myself to start another project!

Saturday, February 2, 2008

Baby quilt for Charles John born 1/16/2008

Used the rest of the blue stars for this baby quilt The quilt back is a cute teddy bear print.

nines alive swap quilt

Swapped 3.5 inch 9 patches for a year on Delphi Forum Quilting Arts. I used them in this quilt where I used all blues for the stars. It is for my Daughter Rose's graduation from Nursing School .It needs to go to be quilted. My LA quilter who did such wonderful work has had a stroke and I am unsure when she will return, so I may need to find someone else.

Scrappy Mountain Majesty Swap

From Delphi Forum Srcaplovers forum this is made with my blocks done in pink and green, am going to give this as a comfort quilt to an old friend and coworker diagnosed with cancer.Not my usual colors but it was fun to try something different.

Pineapple quilt with piano key border using Chinese Coins in swap patches form a SrapQuiltlovers Forum on Delphi

I have had this top done for almost a year but was in a quandry concerning what to do with borders. I made enough scrap flying geese to do a border but was not happy with the way it looked. I finally came to the conclusion that these chinese coin swap blocks would be just right. They are 2.5 inch strips just like the strips were for the quilt. I used almost all of them for the border and then quilted it myself with free motion "loop de loops. It came out pretty well and I am getting better and better with my free motion.

Carolina Crossroads top is Complete!!!

This morning I completed my top. I used 2 small borders, a 1 inch small navy print and a 2.5 inch red paisley print. I cut enough from the red to do the bindings. I like it very much..sometimes I see the stars right away and sometime I need to look for them. I think I will quilt this one myself with free motion stitching, maybe I will practice stars or circles, probably will not begin that process for a few weeks. Having a puppy is taking a lot of my time!