Sunday, December 14, 2008

Ice Storm!!

Nasty weather here in upstate NY this week. Many without power still and our temps have been in the single digits at night. I feel so fortunate that I was spared any problems. We have lots of branches down some quite large, but they did not hit any structures or vehicles. Near us a few roads are still closed with trees down and telephone poles broken in 2 to 3 pieces and just dangling in the breeze. Power company is getting help from as far away as MI to help restore services. Temps are going to start rising today and that will be a big help.

Dell Boy is a year old now!

My first post on this blog was a picture of our little puppy, Well almost a year has gone by now and he sure has gotten big! He is now about 75 lbs of pure energy and strength! He remains a very friendly fella and we have not seen any mean or aggressive behavior on his part. He is gonna keep us healthy as we age..loves his walks and gets 2 a day, each usually 2 miles. our biggest problem with him is jumping and chewing. I need to keep my sewing room door locked cause he likes to chew up spools of thread, batting, and even seam rippers.

But we sure are happy we got him!

Winnie Jo's Christmas Quilt

Last week a generous co-worker gave me a bag of Christmas fabric she no longer wanted. It was all small red, green and white prints. I accepted it with great delight, I just love making quilts from others discards!!! Not sure what I would do with it

On the drive home from work I deceided that I would make my DGD a Christmas Quilt.

She just loves Winnie the Pooh. I found some fabric on ebay that featured Pooh and all of his friends in Christmas scenes and used it fir the backing. The pattern I just made up as I went along. Finished quilting it yesterday. I am pleased with results.

Woodland Clover AKA Mens Shirts with a few Skirts

Just finished this quilt made from nickels. Almost all of the plaids are from mens shirts that I have been buying at Thrift Shops and Salvation Army. A few plaids and lights are from swaps on Delphi Quilting Arts Forum. Several of the small prints are from skirts thatI bought the same way.

I plan to give this to my sister who recently became president of her National Professional Organization. many of the shirts were purchased in Ann Arbor, Mi when I visited her.

I have enough pieces cut out to make another lap sized quilt maybe for myself.